Important Things to Know When you Buy A Wood Burning Stove

When you get a wood burning stove, you’ll want to know that you’ve made a good choice. Due to the fact that buying one can be quite a minefield with a number of different brands and different features to consider, we hope that this small guide can help you get the very most out of your investment.   

If you’re concerned about whether or not a wood burning stove is right for you, consider them next to a gas stove or an electric. Wood burning stoves are generally more economical (as after all, gas and coal are fossil fuels) as of course, responsibly sourced and well seasoned timber is carbon neutral and energy efficient. (Plus, we find there’s nothing better than a proper log fire!)

The style options for wood burning stoves are rather varied. You might feel that surely a matt black firebox set atop four legs can’t vary, but the truth is that there are so many statement designs to choose from. Stovax wood burning stoves even have a stove which is an exact replica of a design by Benjamin Frankin, for instance!

You can switch the enamel on the exterior of the stove to a different colour, as well as opt for a choice of wall mounted or pedestal versions… or if you have the budget, even a few types which make your stove appear to be suspended, in the centre of a room. There’s so many options when buying a wood burning stove, and as for retailers, there are so many of them online and in physical stores, your choices can be somewhat boggling.

FiresOnline is an excellent wood burning stove retailer, and can deliver throughout the UK.

Furthermore, FiresOnline have a solid rating on trustpilot, competitive prices, and also a telephone number which you can use in order to speak to a human being about questions, inquiries, or even just advice on your wood burning stove.


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