A Borneo Trekking and Adventuring Holiday

If you’ve been dreaming of jetting off into an island paradise and escaping from your day-to-day routine for a while, a Borneo trekking holiday might just be what you need to add excitement to your life.

Borneo is a vast island in Southeast Asia, and is known for its gorgeous beaches and biodiverse rainforest. Within the rainforest, clouded leopards and orangutans roam freely, as well as the nearly-extinct pygmy elephant species.

Powdery white sands and brilliant turquoise shores are commonplace within the island, making it the ultimate place to relax in your own paradise.

Borneo is also the perfect place for adventurous types, with areas like the Sipadan Island which is famed for its impressive dive site. Mount Kinabalu is the island's highest peak, standing at 4,095m, with many visitors of the island attempting to conquer its peak.

Booking your holiday with a specialist company means that all your tours and excursions can be arranged for you, so all you have to do is arrive at your location! It can be a little daunting to try and book tours and adventure days out in an area that you’re unfamiliar with, but luckily Borneo Travel are there to help.

With over 25 years of experience in tours and travel in Borneo, and an award-winning tour guide, Borneo Travel ensures that each and every one of their clients enjoy the perfect holiday which they’ll remember for years to come,

You’ve got the choice of a pre-set itinerary, or a tour schedule that’s bespoke to your interests and requirements. Activities with Borneo Travel include mountain and jungle trekking, mountain biking, diving and rafting.

Dedicated to preserving the stunning and natural environment of the island, Borneo Travel are dedicated to sustainable tourism development and hire local experts to help with the tours.

The varied terrain and incredible wildlife and plant life on the island make it one of the most unforgettable places to explore. Borneo jungle trekking itineraries allow you to experience the wild jungle of the island, at a pace which suits you.

The jungle survivor tour will have you experiencing the island as a native, learning how to construct your campsite by top tour guide, Miki, who is a true native of the island.

If you’re feeling particularly fit, Borneo Travel also arrange Mount Kinabalu Summit treks. This 3 day journey includes an overnight stay at a mountain hut as well as dinner at a local restaurant. Watching the sun rise from the summit of the tallest mountain on the island is a truly remarkable sight to witness, so Borneo mountain trekking is a must for those who don't mind a good challenge.

Borneo is one of the best places to dive, with the small Sipadan Island being amongst the top three diving sites in the world. You’ll be diving amongst vibrant and techni-coloured reef fish, as well as the dozens of sea turtles which swim peacefully throughout the island.

If you prefer cycling to walking, Borneo Travel offers a variety of biking tours within the island. The Kinabalu mountain bike excursion is suitable for all ability levels, and will having you mountain biking through the beautiful countryside of the island before having a refreshing swim in the cool clear river which flows from Mount Kinabalu.

All that’s left to do after a busy day of adventuring is to sit back and relax, whilst watching the sun set over the island from your seaside accommodation.

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