Why You Should Dress Your Dog Up in Winter?

Why some may at first think the idea of dressing your dog up being an unusual idea, it actually makes perfect sense as a responsible dog owner. Particularly during the colder months, many will choose designer dog clothes, not only as fashion statement for their pooch but to keep them warm and dry during those bitterly cold walks.

Why your dog should wear clothes?
Whilst some owners argue that a dog acclimatises and become accustomed to certain weather, this is simply not true. Just like humans, dogs too need to wrap up and keep warm more so, as they are not built to cope with such weather. Many forget that dogs have their own origins in which they have been built for. The Siberian husky for example, is built for subarctic conditions, whilst the Chihuahua coming from Mexico would be adapted for the warmer weather. With this in mind, you should add some extra layers on your pet so that you are still able to walk them as well keep them warm.

How do you know when your pet should wear a jacket?
When it's rainy wet weather altogether, your pet’s body temperature is more likely to drop. Although this might be welcomed in summer, it won’t be in autumn or winter when the weather is already cool. If your dog is normally happy to be outside and he or she has recently been hesitant when they first step outside, it’s time to purchase a dog coat or jacket. If your dog is shivering then you should consider bringing them back into the warmth as soon as you can until they have appropriate clothing.

What kind of jacket should I buy?
It’s really up to you. Some might prefer a waterproof jacket whist others might opt for something woolly and warm for breeds with a thinner coat. Although many will have the perceptions that designer dog coats are very flamboyant and unsuitable for everyday use, many today actually very practical. The Teddy Maximus dog coat is a luxurious example that has been created with winter conditions in mind. The outer cotton is waxed to safeguard from rain and whilst the thick, layered cotton helps to protect your dog from the wind. If you want something a bit warmer, you can certainly opt for a woolly or cashmere jumper to add that extra layer of warmth.

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