Subscription Boxes for The Kitchen Dweller

Subscription boxes for the kitchen dweller

Whether you’re a lover of cooking or simply just enjoy spending time in your kitchen, we’ve compiled a list of subscription boxes that kitchen lovers are going crazy for. The treats you’ll get will not only make you want to spend more time in your kitchen, but will make for the perfect Instagram snap. Here what kitchen fitters Anglesey talking about:

London tea club – When you join the London Tea Club at £10 a month, you’ll be asked to build a profile of your favourite flavours so you’ll be sure to receive something you love. Not just any tea, this is tea at its finest – bring it right back to its roots of naturally flavoured and dried, loose ingredients. You’ll receive three batches of tea, each housed in their very own test tube which certainly adds a scientific yet magical feel to the tea making process!

Vinoa Wine and Beer52 – The Vinoa Wine sampler is a great way to grow your palette. Try a bit of everything before finding your favourite and ordering by the bottle. Each month offers a varied sample giving you the opportunity to try something new without the cost. When it comes to craft beer, you certainly don’t get the same amount of choice in the supermarket as you do with wine. Beer52 will bring you the 8 most original beers out there right now for £24.

World Spice – If you’re a fan of broad flavours from all over the world then a three month subscription from ‘The Spicery’ might be just the thing for you. This three month subscription is asteel at the total price of £22.  Each box contains the spices to make a meal to feed four people with a varied selection for a starter, a main or dessert.

Bloomon – Anyone who adores unusual and distinctive flower bouquets knows just how expensive they can be. Well, you'll be glad to know that Bloomon are able to hook you up with an original bunch from as little as £20.95. You won’t have received anything like them before, offering up something truly unique to what’s available on the high street. With an option for a matching vase to suit the size of each colourful bunch, your kitchen won’t have looked better!

The Roastery – The subscription lets you choose distinctive blends of coffee, freshly roasted, ground and delivered to your door. The roastery say that their subscription ensures that your subscription is the best way to enjoy fresh coffee, as it's meant to be drank (from £6).

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