Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand Wine

The Marlborough region of the south of New Zealand is renowned for its quality Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. These have a distinctive aromatic fruity, crisp character with a fresh aroma and vibrant unmistakable flavors of gooseberries and citrus. This world famous type of Sauvignon comes partly from the climate of the region, searing hot sun by day but nice and cool by night, so a lot of freshness from the acidity is retained in to the grapes. The ripening period is long and slow, this extended amount of time in the autumn helps to enrich the distinctive flavor of the wine. The unique buildup of the soil and maritime climate allows a long steady growing season in which the grapes are allowed to develop a natural balance of acids.

Sauvignon Blanc is taking the world by storm, becoming more and more popular because of its delightfully prominent flavour, and because of people searching for a new alternative to Chardanay. Although the Sauvignon Blancs grape originated in Borderaux and Loire Valley France, it has now been introduced to a variety of different countries, such as Australia, and as we already know New Zealand. The most desirable place for plantings in Marlborough is in sandy soils over slate shingles, because of the climate it is impossible to have a vineyard over 80 miles from the coast, this way the soil still has enough moisture to support such a plant. Wines coming from here usually prove to be a beautifully vibrant mouthful, and the year of 2010 vintage in Marlborough is probably the best vintage produced since the famously stunning harvest of 2001. It is said to be the flavour compounds of methoxypyrazines that induce that acidic fruity flavor that has made this wine so beautifully desirable. Without a doubt one of the most refined wines to drink at the moment, highly recommended.


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