French Wine

French Wine production predates the Roman Empire, so no surprises that its one the best countries for wine making in the world. Famous for the wine that the country produces, because of it many regions, rich experience and varieties of grape it has a range of diverse flavours that so many people love and enjoy. The most popular wine making regions in France are Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhone and Champagne; these regions are now central to the wine industry, and product’s are exported all over the world becoming role models. There are also many southern regions in France that produce popular wine that you can enjoy every day with many being extremely good value for money.

France has the second largest vineyard space in the world, after Spain. They also produce the most wine a year out of any country. In France there are thousands of wine producers and grape farmers who all work in conjunction to make a variety of different wines, some of the finest in the world which are available to drink worldwide.

During the Roman Empire wine production boomed to a degree to which emperor Demoitian commanded that all Vineyards outside of Italy be uprooted. When the replanting of vineyards were permitted, they extended back to Northern France, Germany and Southern England. In the middle ages, Monasteries looked after the vineyards and produced it for the celebrating mass, however in the French Revolution; a lot of Vineyards owned by the church were confiscated. The 19th century saw a lot of vineyards fall victim to pests and diseases, along with two world wars which endangered the industry. This was when the AOC or Appellation d’Origine Controlee was established in 1935, which insured the authenticity of wine. So for example only wine from the Champagne region can be called Champagne.

The Bordeaux region is located on the Atlantic coast and is the most important wine growing region in France and the World. Its Vineyard covers 550,000 acres and production amounts around to 65 million Gallons. The best wines here go by the names of the chateaus in which they are made. Mainly recognized as a red wine producing region with blends including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Bordeaux is an area that is gifted with natural resources perfect for producing wine, making it one of the world’s capitals for winemaking.


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