Natural Wines

There is some confusion over what a natural wine actually is and there are many different terms to learn if you want to find good quality, natural wines. Some wine is referred to as organic, but an organic wine is not technically sulphite free or free from chemical tampering.

Natural Wine is produced to contain minimal amounts of sulphites (technically it’s impossible to have a wine without sulphites in), but natural wines are made without the use or chemicals, sugars or artificial yeasts.

Unfortunately there is no definitive legislation stated what a natural wine is, so many different wine producers state their wine is natural based on what they believe the wine should be like. The term isn’t often seen in supermarkets, which is good, because supermarket bought wine rarely passes for natural!

Trying to find a true natural wine can be quite a task, but there is hope, Good Wine Online is a website with a large catalogue of natural wines which have been tried and tasted.


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