The Benefits of Drinking Natural Wine

Natural Wine is hard to come by and there’s confusion concerning what a natural wine actually is. Some wine is referred to as “organic wine”, but these wines aren’t natural wines as they usually contain sulphites and have had some form of chemical tampering.

Although it’s impossible to have a wine without any sulphites, natural wine doesn’t have any additional sulphites added (sulphites are added to most wines to preserve their shelf life and help keep Rosé pink in colour). Natural wine is also made without the use of chemicals, sugars or artificial yeasts.

There is no legalisation stating what a natural wine is, so the term is often used for what the producers believe to be natural. The term is rarely seen in supermarkets, as they stock wines which have to last a long time.

To find natural wine you will most likely have to search online and see what the experts have found.

There are many benefits to drinking natural wine, one of the main reasons people search for natural wine is if they have intolerance to sulphites, giving them bad reactions when drinking wine.


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