Tedora Charm Bracelets

Tedora charm bracelets make ideal birthday and Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones; you can personalise bracelets depending on the beads that you choose for them. Tedora charm bracelets have many different types of charms and beads, each with a symbol and a story to tell; usually inspired by mythology and they can represent passions and interests.

Tedora charm bracelets are created from silver charms and beads; but can also include a large variation of materials like glass, onyx, bronze, gold and even pearls. Tedora charm bracelets have a mixture of colours and materials which can easily be changed, offering a range of variation, combinations and originality.

Tedora jewellery originated in Italy, but has since spread to many other parts of the world, including Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. Tedora charm bracelets make the perfect fashion accessory with a combination of design, precious materials, high quality and individuality.


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