Italian Red wines

Some of the oldest wine producing regions in the world are found in Italy. Italy is one of the world’s largest wine producers, and is responsible for around a fifth of worldwide wine production.

Italy is a country that would seem specially designed for producing wine. The country has a long latitudinal range, from the Alps in the North to the close to Africa in the South; Italy is also a peninsula and has extensive mountain ranges, providing many different altitudes for grape growing. All of these factors provide Italy with a huge variety of climate and soil conditions.

Italian Red Wines are largely exported to other parts of the world, but is also very popular in the country itself, having the highest wine consumption per capita in the world.

There are around one million vineyards in the country with grapes being grown in almost every region.

Italy has a love for good wine but it can extremely difficult for consumers in the UK to pick out the best from looking at the bottles. You’ll be better off buying Italian red wine online, by people who have sampled a multitude of Italy’s many different brands.

Italy typically has a large range of red wines which differentiate around the country; all regions have fantastic wines available. Some of the more famous and favourite Italian wines include Barolo, Amarone, Chianti, Sagrantino, Conero Rosso, Primitivo and Nero D’Avola.


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