Red Wine Varieties

There is a wide range of Red Wines on the market, and enough to suit all tastes and budgets.

I will list in order the Red Wines which I think are the most popular of the red wines grapes, this however does not necessarily mean it is correct, its just the list I have created and the ones that are more apparent to me and my friends (I have asked for their input with this).

1. Cabernet Sauvignon
These grapes are small, black with very tough skins. The wine is high in tannins and if not oaked it can be quite harsh. These grapes consist of rich flavours and taste of blackcurrent and chocolate and can be spicy.

2. Merlot
Merlot grapes are also small, blue in colour with thin skins. Merlot is a much softer and smoother wine than Cabernet and has far less tannins. It has complex flavours and low acid. Flavours of this wine include plum, cherry, blackcurrant, and rose.

3. Pinot Noir A very smooth wine, sometimes referred to as “liquid silk”. A soft texture, full bodied, but not as heavy as a cabernet. The flavours of this lovely wine consist of raspberries, cherries and smoke. Low in acid and tannins but high in alcohol.

4. Syrah/Shiraz
A black skinned grape with thick skin, it is a worldwide grape growing well in most places. Deep in colour, and highin tannins. The flavours consist of plum, blackberries and smoke. Made in two different styles; heavy and rich and fruitier and easy to drink.

5. Sangiovese
One of Italy’s oldest wines. Its colour has little depth; however it is high in tannins and acid.

6. Zinfandel
An all American grape. An easy growing grape that can be vinified in many styles from light to claret, to a very high alcohol wine. Flavours consist of berry and spice to black pepper.


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