Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 33i

Jeanneau are known for their very high standard boats. The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 33i has a perfectly balanced sail and a large cockpit making it a great partner when sailing on the water.

On the deck of the Sun Odyssey 33i is the perfect amount of room to have people in the sun as well as working the sails to help manoeuvre this fantastic boat. Although this style of boat does not have a great amount of seating above deck, the inside definitely makes up for this minor problem.

Below the deck of the Sun Odyssey 33i is a very large living area featuring both living accommodation, sleeping areas and of course the food preparing area. The saloon offers two large settees running down either side of the boat, outboard there is a large set of corresponding lockers that run down the hull side giving the boat that extra bit of storage. There is one large wall separating the sleeping quarters from the living area, giving privacy when needed. But even with this door closed there is still a very large area covered in seating for friends and family to enjoy a meal whilst sailing across the water. As well as these there is a beautifully designed WC with a hot shower.

The whole interior is crafted with a Satin Teak finish and with the large amount of natural light that flows through the windows; the owner will be surrounded by a beautiful sight every time eyes are set on this boat.

This boat is powered by both sail and engine, on top of the deck is a Seldon mast with double spreaders and attached to this is an 80% battened classic polyester mainsail. Finally, below deck is a Yanmar 3YM20 21hp diesel engine. Shaft drive.


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