Azure AZ 279

This Azure AZ 279 is as good as new when bought as it only has the factory tested hours on the clock. The boat itself looks very nice, it has a great modern look to the outside and the interior of the boat is also very modern. Although the outside of the boat doesn’t look like it can seat many people, the boat itself can comfortably hold up to around 10 people without anyone squeezing in, giving the boat a great chance to host small parties or family gatherings whilst cruising around the bay.

The accommodation within this Azure AZ 279 looks very welcoming as there is a large 2 berth cubby cabin with separate head compartments allowing maximum comfort when drifting on the seas. Also the Azure AZ 279 has lifting bolsters for helm and passenger seats. The boat includes a nice WC with a wash basin as well as a toilet. The galley on board the AZ 279 includes a fridge and a sink.
The piloting area looks very modern and has a high spec system where all the controls lie. It has been finished with colours that flow perfectly together with the rest of the interior of the boat and just gives it a perfect appearance.

The boat is being powered by a 5.7 GXI Volvo penta, with stainless steel duo props. This boat would be great for someone who enjoys having groups of people with them who would enjoy a nice cruise across the bay with both comfort and speed. The price tag is very inviting for younger members who want to experience a perfect boat, and because the boat is almost new, it will drive like a dream.


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