CLEAN Perfume

CLEAN perfumes are a fresh delightful range of products which offer a clean fresh fragrance for you. When you just step out from the shower, you smell fresh and clean, and who wouldn’t want that fragrance to last all day? The fragrance which was launched to present these smells, of just stepping out of the shower, after using your favourite soap, is a uniquely fresh smelling scent, which has rocketed success from simply being inspired from soap. After unsuccessfully searching for a fragrance that would do this, Randi Shinder from Canada, decided to develop her own fragrance that would portray these freshly washed smells all day.

Clean is a great success and it’s a good job that Randi Shinder shared her fragrance with all of us, as its a stunning scent, without being overpowering or exaggerated. CLEAN perfume is simply sweet, and subtly sexy, which everyone wants to wear. Even ladies are buying CLEAN Perfume for men for their other halves.


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