Venetian Masks for Halloween

Venetian masks are a brilliant idea for Halloween, this year Halloween might be taking place entirely indoors, however as we can see on social media apps like TikTok and Instagram, it most definitely is taking place. In order to be a part of this amazing trend, we recommend and wholeheartedly advise people to adopt the Venetian masks aesthetic for some fun social posts and perhaps virtual Halloween parties this spooky season.

Here are some fun and amazing ideas for a Venetian mask Halloween hauntingly fun time.

Phantom of the Opera

This throwback to musical theatre and operatic classic of Phantom of the Opera is sure to be a fantastic choice and pop culture reference that most will get. The style of the mask here is of a half-face. This gives you an opportunity to paint the face surrounding the mask for an integrated look.


This mask was long considered the traditional and archetypal Venetian mask, this prominent and distinctive design with the protruding jaw and chin is a very striking look, and is both majestic and slightly unsettling depending on the contact. Even though it was historically worn through the carnival period, it owes much permanence to the fact it was used all year round by those who want to hide their identity. In today's world, it can create a striking visage paired with an ensemble outfit or with a classic suit or dress.


This was originally as famous by a show in Italy known as ‘columbine’ or ‘columbina’, this is a traditional half-mask which is adorned with an ornate selection of jewels of feathers and fabric. This is often painted in either gold or silver and held in place by a ribbon or stick. You can get colourful with your outfit idea with ensembles that fit the colour scheme that your mask goes for. Have fun!


The full face volto, is a white mask of white cloth, and a protruding topology that presents a 3d appearance when viewed front side. It is considered more comfortable than other mask options, and if often accompanies with a three-cornered hat or headdress design. But you can experiment with different full costume ideas and simply use the hat’s style as inspiration for the larger look.

Arlecchino (harlequin)

The Joker, an ever-existing archetype in culture, reincarnating throughout tales told by mankind, and here we see it manifesting in medieval Venice. This famous design has striking connotations. It would work so well as part of a larger joker costume, or with another funky design you could come up with yourself.

Plague Doctor

Of all the Venetian masks, the one with the most haunting and striking aesthetic, which is especially suitable for Halloween or other scary occasions is the plague doctor, with its prominent birdlike beak, which in older times would have held herbs and flowers said to ward off illnesses. These days, it makes for a striking outfit with historically fascinating connotations. The plague doctor is an incredible costume choice and is sure to be memorable for friends over Halloween parties, both virtual and real.


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