Concerns Over Illegal Teeth Whitening

The Oral Health Foundations is working to remind people that they should not undergo teeth whitening treatments outside of a dental practice following a new report from the BBC, which shows the rise in illegal teeth whitening in the UK. Teeth whitening should only be carried out by trained dentists north wales

Results from the BBC report show a 26% rise in the number of illegal teeth whitening treatments in the last year. The treatments are more and more often appearing on advertisements in beauty salons and kiosks, when they are only legally allowed to be performed by a dental professional. 

The consequences that could result from having teeth whitening carried out by someone who is unqualified can be very severe and cause lasting dental health issues. The treatments may not sound like the most technical procedures, but they are in fact the opposite. They are medical treatments which shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

The potential consequences from having illegal teeth whitening treatment are dangerous, there may be a higher risk of infection and cross contamination, which during the coronavirus outbreak is worrying. The treatments could also cause permanent damage to the gums, teeth and jaw.

The BBC investigated these ‘cowboy’ teeth whiteners, and have found several businesses who are selling training courses to beauticians who think they are real. The courses only last a couple of hours, and provide the candidates with fake certificates. One company has trained thousands of beauticians. 

The General Dental Council explained that they began 126 prosecutions against those carrying out illegal teeth whitening procedures, but so far lack the power to prosecute those carrying out the training who were exposed by the BBC. 

A beautician who had undergone this fake training said that she could have just burnt the money she spent on the course, and she would be in the same position as she is now. She was already struggling, having nearly gone bankrupt. As a result of this, she lost a lot of her confidence in her profession, and suffered from anxiety and depression following the incident. 

Dentistry is definitely not something you could pick up within a few hours, days or even months. The chemicals used for the process are toxic so need to be used in a safe manner. 

Beauticians should take note that carrying out teeth whitening themselves is illegal. Continuing to do this is putting the health of the clients at risk. 


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