Investing in New Outdoor Furniture

With more of us working from home or simply being on furlough, many homeowners across the UK have been
faced with the dilemma of updating/upgrading their existing garden space. Lots of people have found a new love
for all things gardening and have even invested in some beautiful new greenhouse staging to make the most of
the extra time on their hands. 

Some others have realised that working from home means that you need somewhere else to go and relax;
queue the garden renovations and improvements! With the summer weather in the UK being so unpredictable,
it can be hard to choose what to do to the garden. It might be time to invest in some high quality
recycled plastic garden furniture instead of just grabbing a cheap bargain at the local supermarket. Here are
three reasons that’ll convince you to invest in some new high-quality furniture for your garden oasis.

Rusted, Crusted Chairs
One of the main drawbacks to owning metal or aluminium garden furniture is that over time they are very prone
to rust, crusting and chipping. Whilst the metals do carry a long-standing reputation for being durable, the finish
of the product will eventually deteriorate in the outdoor’s harsh elements. 

Choosing recycled plastic furniture gives you the peace of mind that it will never rot, crack or split. The unrivalled
durability and water-resistant properties of this material means that the furniture made from it will retain its form
in whatever weather conditions. 

Painting Each Season
Do you have a long to-do list each spring to get your outdoor oasis ready? Is furniture painting always on that
list? This is one of the most annoying and time-consuming parts of owning wooden outdoor furniture; they
require constant upkeep and maintenance in order to keep them looking as good as the day you brought it

Plastic furniture avoids this step completely. This beautiful and sturdy furniture will easily stand the test of time
and will deal with the elements with ease. The only yearly maintenance required is hosing it down with some
water and wiping off any dirt with a soft cloth. 

Hate trying to relax sitting in those unsupportive old chairs? Your outdoor oasis should be comfortable above all
else - if you can’t sit back and relax, and accidentally fall asleep before the BBQ is ready then there’s a serious

Recycled plastic furniture is designed with comfort in mind - all of the chairs have been designed in a way that actively promotes and encourages relaxation and comfort. Adirondack chairs have what we’d call the ultimate landing zone - which is between the chair seat and the back panels so you can just sit back and relax in comfort.


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