10 of the Worst Design Mistakes New Homeowners Make

You finally have a new home on the works - great! Now it comes down to the not so tricky bit, making it your own. Whether you want to completely renovate it, or just redecorate, there is a lot more to think about than you would think. These points have come from a renovation consultant and an interior designer, so you can be assured that they are important things to consider when doing up your new build home north wales.

Starting renovations too soon. 

If you can, it’s best to live in your home for a little while first. That way you can get to know the space better. You will learn where things would ideally be placed, and won’t end up regretting anything.

Underestimating the costs. 

Most jobs will cost more money and take longer than you would assume. Always add 20% to how much you think a project will cost. If you can’t afford that, then it's best to leave that job until you can. You wouldn’t like something to be left half done if any issues arise.

Expecting everything to go smoothly. 

New construction is more controlled than working on old buildings, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be smooth sailing. Prepare for the unexpected events to happen.

Not hiring a designer from the get go. 

You are about to invest a lot of money into your home, so you might as well make sure that it is well designed. Interior designers and architects either charge by the hour, or take a cut of the overall project. This is nothing compared to what you are putting in already.

Going for the lowest offer. 

Good professional help is definitely worth the money, both for design and construction. Be willing to pay for a good contractor that will get the job done correctly, and look out for the ‘cowboy builders’ who are super cheap and available straight away.

Not asking for references. 

It can be a good idea to contact the last three clients of someone you plan to hire to talk about their experiences with them. Reach out to contractors via your architects advice, or vise versa. You are more likely to find the best deals and get the job done better.

Not asking enough questions. 

There is no such thing as asking a stupid question here. You must understand what you are spending your money on.

Not setting up a timeline. 

Work together with your contractor to build a timeline. That way you can know when to purchase things, and when you need to make decisions. You don’t want to feel under pressure and make a decision you will regret later.

Buying giant furniture.

Make sure that all the furniture you are buying will actually fit into your home. Jot down the measurements of your front door, and double check you’ll be able to get it in.

Working on too many rooms at one time. 

Doing a little bit here and there in all the rooms will make you feel like you’re getting nowhere and that everything is incomplete. The place where you spend most time should take priority to begin with.


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