Prince Madoc Cove – Fabulous Homes With Luxurious Living

There’s nothing quite like living by the sea. For eons, mankind has forged a great love for the seafront, and it has been referenced many times in all forms of media. From old poems which wistfully describe the wonder of the sea to modern day television, the sea has long since captured mankind’s attention and devotion—and we are thrilled to announce that a brand new development of apartments for sale in Llandudno.

Prince Madoc Cove is the first offering from a talented new build house developer in Rhos on Sea named Madoc Developments, and the site, if anything, is utterly outstanding.

Despite being newcomers to the North Wales housing market. Madoc Developments have certainly made a splash with the wonderfully named Prince Madoc Cove which manages to do the impossible – be of a solid build quality with enough considerate attention to detail and high-quality interiors to match the quality of the land of which is it built upon.

The devil is in the detail, and it certainly shows with this fledgling housing developer’s first attempt – put simply, Prince Madoc Cove knocks larger, more established developers’ efforts out of the park.

Saying that, Prince Madoc Cove does have a single drawback.

Prince Madoc Cove looks to be a solid investment for those looking to put resources into the property market – but it also looks like an investment you might have trouble parting with. Make no mistake – you certainly will sell your little piece of Prince Madoc Cove when the time comes, here’s absolutely no doubt about it – but you might find yourself attached to the place.

And why not? Occupying magnificent land and boasting unparalleled views of Rhos on Sea harbour, as well as occupying one of the cutest little towns in North Wales is absolutely no mean feat, and Prince Madoc Cove manages to combine truly luxurious living with fantastic views, positioning, and a superb build quality which is making waves in the North Wales area, giving much larger developers a run for their money.   


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