The Best Holiday In Wales? Self-Catering in Aberdovey

What do you look for in a holiday? For many people, it’s putting their feet up and relaxing in a beautiful and varied environment. Of course, everyone has a different idea of the type of environment they prefer. For some, their ideal holiday is at a beachside. For some, their ideal holiday is surrounded by a myriad of natural wonders. For others, white knuckle experiences are more their thing.

Of course, there are some holidays which feature all of the above, and so much more. Aberdovey Hillside Village for instance offers high quality accommodation, set in the picturesque village of Aberdovey.

This fantastic getaway is exactly as it says – an entire village on a hillside overlooking the beach for your enjoyment. You’ll stay in high quality accommodation a series of houses (or apartments, depending on your preference!) each designed for purpose, each boasting fantastic views of the estuary, as well as interiors that are both spacious and so lovely and so luxurious. Family holidays have never been easier at Aberdovey Hillside Village- and self catering Aberdovey is certainly popular for all of the benefits it has over hotels and caravan sites.

You can pack the car up, bring the kids, and escape to a varied and pretty environment, as well as enjoy a base for all of your adventures that feels just like home.

Aberdovey Hillside Village’s staff are also excellent, trained professionals which excel at making the village all the more welcoming. With their pride in the village, as well as their experience and their knowledge of the surrounding area, we’re more than certain that they’ll be able to point even the newest guests toward some excellent adventures. For things to do in Aberdovey, you can’t go wrong.

There’s 4 miles of sandy beaches, and all of the beach activities that come along with them, as well as surfing facilities, a links golf course, and even a zoo in very close range. Unique experiences such as horseriding and falconry are not far away either. Aberdovey Hillside Village is also highly envied for the fact that the Snowdonia National Park, and all of the natural beauty that comes with it, is less than a 10 minute walk away.


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