The 7 minute Wine Chilling Hack

So you’ve just purchased your bottle of sulphite free wine but wait, it’s a white and it’s not chilled. This is definitely a problem we don’t need to deal with, especially on a Friday after a long week. Fortunately, there is a little wine trick that is definitely going to make you smile when you realise how simple it is, meaning less stress and more wine!

So firstly, you’re going to want to grab a) your bottle of wine and b) a dish towel. The dish towel needs to be big enough to wrap around the bottle but other than that, any old one will do. Drench the dish towel in water and wrap around the bottle before putting into the freezer for 7 minutes. And that’s it! When you return to unwrap your wine, it should be chilled and ready to drink - perfect!

In general, white wine should be served at around 10 ° which means that wine that has been sat in the fridge for a while is actually too cold. With red wine, many of us believe it should be served at room temperature, however, this is a myth that has become the norm. If you’ve had wine out on the counter, it is best to pop it in the fridge for around 15 minutes before drinking to ensure you are drinking it at the ideal temperature.

Temperature can really influence how your wine tastes and smells which is why we tend to serve each type differently. For example, if your wine is too cold it can mask the flavours which means your lovely glass of wine is being wasted and flavours are being lost.

If you’ve got last minute guests or you’ve simply popped out for a little treat, this hack is ideal. There’s no need to sit waiting for your wine to chill and you don’t have to panic if it’s a last minute buy.

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