The Groes Inn Will Reopen in May

We announced that a local staple, the Groes Inn Hotel in Conwy, was to close down throughout the majority of the spring season for a series of much-needed renovations. 

This high-end inn in Conwy only had a few drawbacks during our very many visits, and it was generally that while the place is certainly a high quality place to stay, a little bit of wear and tear could be seen in small elements of our stays, such as a rather temperamental shower (which to be fair, is expected in such an old building…) and the menu, while absolutely delicious, could be much more varied than what it is - especially considering the competition that so many restaurants in Conwy and in the North Wales area bring.

The Groes Inn has always been a place that goes the extra mile for things like customer service, and staying there means that you can put little, niggling details to the side for the sake of the quality of service which is available there.

Whether you go to the Groes Inn for a bite to eat, a special meal, or even a weekend away from the stresses and the strains of modern day life (or even all three of these things!) The Groes Inn’s high standard of service makes the place one of the very best to stay in North Wales.

To hear that the Groes Inn is going to hit the same standards in every single aspect is great news to hear. The rooms have been said to be gutted from top to toe in order to provide outstanding stays, and the kitchen is due to be expanded on a large scale in order to provide more varied meals, especially with their extremely popular Sunday lunch.

The word that May is the time that the Groes Inn will reopen fills us with excitement, and we genuinely look forward to spending long and lazy afternoons in their gorgeous beer garden overlooking the fantastic and wonderful panoramic views that the Conwy Valley provides. Won’t you join us?


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