The Luxury Life For Dogs

Dogs are more often than not, considered a big part of the family. And like our children, we believe that they deserve the best. But what does going luxury for those everyday items mean, and does it make a difference?

Natural Dog Food – Much luxury dog food is made up of natural ingredients, which are often too costly for cheaper dog foods use. But when your dog’s diet is one of the largest contributors to your pooches overall health, you may want to consider paying a bit more for better quality food.
Treats are often where the diet downfall lies.  Dogs will do anything for a treat which makes it incredibly difficult for owners to say no. What’s more, dogs respond well to treats as rewards which make it one of the best dog training methods. Lots of training means lots of treats, which will take you well above the ‘10% of their diet a day’ rule. Your solution is to look for Natural Dog Treats. Billy and Margot for example, sell natural training biscuits, made in Great Britain for your dog. The Strawberry and Apple variety in particular, are ideal for training, being of tiny bite size shapes for small dogs.

Luxury Dog Collars – Of course, there is no necessity to purchase a luxury dog collar but being that it’s the only item your dog is guaranteed to wear, it may as well be something special that perfectly suits your dog’s personality. Luxury dog collars such as Hennessy & Sons deliver hand crafted dog collars made with Italian patina vegetable leather, coloured to suit your dog’s character. Surgical stainless steel is used in the clasp and tag to create strong pieces that are built to last.

Luxury Dog Clothes - In the past, luxury dog clothes have had a reputation for being flamboyant pieces that have no real purpose. Today’s reality is very different; particularly when it comes to dog coats. If you need high quality, waterproof items to keep your dog warm and dry during those winter months then luxury is the only way to go. Teddy Maximus produce finest quality waxed cotton coats that offer windproof and waterproof qualities. As is the case with many small short haired dogs, they can be more vulnerable to the cold and this means you might need to invest in good quality outer wear as a matter of priority.

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