Best Toy kits of 2016

Build your own toy kits are all the rage in keeping your children preoccupied. Not only does it keep their minds engaged, it also allows children to have a creative output. In all likelihood, it’s something your child will really remember taking joy out of the building process before playing

with the toy itself. Bear making kits and accessories, home computers and build your own games are hitting the shelves this summer. Here’s our top picks from The Luxury Lifestyle Blog.

Build your own bear
It can be difficult finding build a toy kits for young children. But there is no sewing ‘bear making kits’ out there that are perfectly suitable for children to build without an adult having to intervene on the fun. These bears make great party gifts and activities for groups of children. You can accessorise your favourite bear as you please and build the perfect wardrobe for your bear.

Grow it yourself
For children that are a little older, crystal growing kits have been a firm favourite for the last decade. It helps children to learn the science behind crystal growing. Other kits include grow your own plants, which are great for children who want to learn more about the outdoors!

DIY pinball machine  
These table top, cardboard pinball machines have proved a hit over the past year. Apart from being a fun game that never gets boring – it comes as a completely blank canvas. You can design your own game and add your own obstacles to create your own customised experience.  It comes with everything you need. Just colour in, assemble and play!

Raspberry PI
This Linux computer; an open source operating system around the size of a credit card shows you just how great technology is. Connect it to your tv monitor and to a keyboard and you have fully equipped, very affordable home computer.

Build your own bot
This is a great option for children of all ages as the choice out there is so diverse. ‘BrushBots’ are fantastic for showing kits the very basics of robotics. The ‘BrushBot’ uses the head of a toothbrush as its body and the bristles act as its legs. When you stick on the micro paper motors and cell batteries, the bristles vibrate and bounce along which is great entertainment. You can also go for an obstacle avoiding bot which you construct from scratch. Its little arms are connected to switches that, when come into contact with an obstacle will turn the bot around and speed away from them!


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