Build a bear is the perfect kids party idea

Build a bear kits are very special toys for kids, as it allows a child to create their very own cuddly best friend. It’s no secret that bears are incredibly important companions for little ones, so if they’re going to own a bear, why not have them make it themselves?

Relatively inexpensive, charming and cuddly, a build a bear is something that will last a lifetime. More and more people are learning about bear factory and build a bear shops and realising that it is a perfect kid’s activity, or even a birthday party.

Building a bear doesn’t break the bank. There are a number of online stores that will send you the bears and accessories in kits that makes it incredibly convenient to make yourself, while at home or a party.

Be My Bear offer a range of build a bear kits, with an example one containing; a skin with one-way zip tie, super soft stuffing, make a wish charm, birth certificate, luxury gift bag, invitation and of course – the instructions!

Suggestions for a build a bear themed birthday party

While bear factory and building a bear is great as a one off activity with the little ones, people have enjoyed huge success from hosting birthday parties with this as the theme. They can be achieved inexpensively and provide a creative and entertaining activity for the children, before they leave with their new bear under their arms.


Creating invitations with a bear theme is rather easy. There is plenty of bear related clip art and cartoon style images available across the internet, of which you can print out as a part, or to stick onto invitations. Be My Bear supply invitations with their bear factory kits. Custom invitation printers can design and print you invitations to order should you be happy to spend the money.

The Bears

Do you buy the bears and the kits yourself, or do you ask the children’s parents to bring their own? This depends on your budget for the party and how many children you expect to come. If there are just a few children coming, you could supply the bears and the kits, whereas larger parties you may not. Whatever you decide, you should remember to detail it on the invitation, so there are no mix ups and no child goes without a bear!


Build a bear parties are all about being colourful. You can get balloons and banners for primary colours to decorate your home with, while you can also print out images you may have used for invitations to use as decorations.

Refreshments and food

You can easily make a bear shaped cake with one baked for the head, and two smaller ones for the ears. If you aren’t familiar with cake making, you could instead bake a batch of cupcakes that are easier to do, and finish them with bear themed decorations. There are several bear shaped cutters in stores and found on the internet that you could also buy, that can be used to create sandwiches and biscuits.

Other activities 

While the build a bear will take up a good hour or two if planned properly, you may want to incorporate some other party games and activities. There are plenty of colouring pages that can be downloaded from the internet and printed in bear pictures, which can then be coloured in and taken home. Pass the parcel, musical chairs and musical statues are some other ideas for accompanying activities.

To finish

It is common for children to leave parties with a goody bag. Consider sending a bear costume for their new cuddly friend home with each child who came. You could add bear shaped sweets, mini games and other themed merchandise that can be ordered from the internet.

Image by 'horiavarlan' / license


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