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Teddy Bear Picnic
Searching for that perfect gift can be difficult at the best of times, but finding a gift that sends a special message at the same time can be even harder. Be My Bear are an award-winning children’s party company who supply a range of teddy bear clothing, make your own bear kits and an eclectic range of accessories, making them the ideal online shopping destination for gifts suitable for all ages.

Whether it is birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, you name it Be My Bear have a fantastic selection of products to choose from to create a great gift for a loved one. They have a brand new range of bears and teddy bear clothing available online, as well as top tips to plan a brilliant children’s party.

Their clothing and accessories range spans from cute pyjamas for boys and girls, to superhero costumes and even a Teddy Bear Passport. You can provide you bear with a whole new wardrobe, with lots of accessories to match with their great selection of products.

To add a special and meaningful touch to your gift, you can now record your very own message to place inside the bear before fastening it up. There are a number of recordable teddy bear voice boxes and sound modules to choose from, some of which are pre-recorded, but you have the option to record your own.

The standard recordable voice box allows you to record a message of up to ten seconds, with the option to record over it until you find it sends the perfect message. Alternatively, if you have a lot to say there is the new Red Heart Sound Recorder that allows you to record up to twenty seconds of sound. There’s a wide variety of options available to choose from.

On 10th July 2015 you can celebrate one of the world’s oldest and favourite toys with Teddy Bear Picnic Day. This is celebrated widely across Europe, the United States, Canada and also Australia!

Simply visit the Be My Bear website to browse the wide selection of products and buy online. You can contact their dedicated team members for more information on products, shipping and planning the perfect party by calling 01492 544666 or email them at:


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