Dressing in the Right Order

Large Men's Suits
It may sound obvious, but putting your evening dress on in the wrong order is a common mistake. The following order should be observed: Shirt, Trousers, Shoes, Bowtie, Jacket. A man trying to tie his bowtie whilst wearing a jacket is causing himself far more hassle than is necessary, as is a man who puts on his trousers first and then must crease his shirt as he tucks it in. It is far easier to put on the shirt first and then simply pull up your trousers over it.

And, most importantly of all, make sure you have no creases in your suit. Have your trousers and jacket pressed, and carry them carefully on a hanger, preferably in a suit holder. Make sure your shirt is well ironed, a creasy shirt is a display of scruffiness and laziness.

The Shoes

Acceptable shoes that work with Men’s Evening Dress also differ and vary, but it is important to select a pair that do not stick out, yet remain stylish and subtle. A well shined pair of shoes or brogues may match a brighter shirt better, and for more subtle coloured shirts a matte finish may be preferred. Spats, handy leather covers which stop rain going into your shoes, are still widely accepted, and make a man look twice as smart when wearing a dinner suit. They are usually white, and blend in with a dinner suit extremely well.

The Bow Tie

The bow tie can be pre-tied, however it is far more impressive for one to learn how to tie a full bow tie, as shirts with raised collars will give the game away if you are using a clip-on or pre-tied. The dinner jacket (called a Tuxedo in the US) should be black, and can be bought in a variety of different styles. True evening trousers have no belt loops, and instead are secured to the waste by means of tightening buttons on the side of the trousers. They also differ from standard trousers in that a common feature is a stripe of black silk running down the outside of each leg, from top to bottom.

Evening Dress Jackets & Trousers

It can sometimes be hard to find nice Men’s Evening Dress Jackets and Trousers if you are a larger Man. Many shops these days tend to cater for the average size and do not take into consideration that like the Americans we are a nation that is gradually growing in size and the average clothes size is now a lot bigger than it was 0-20 years. Large Men’s Evening Wear caterers for all shapes and sizes. They have a wide range of stylish jackets, trousers, shirts, shoes and even big socks to cater for all needs.

So no need to stress about looking the part at your next dinner party, works do or wedding, you too can look stylish and sophisticated with a tailor made suit, to make you look dapper and stand out from the crowd.

Large Men’s Clothes

The shirt worn in evening dress is not an average work shirt, in that it has no front pocket, and usually does away with buttons in favour if shirt links, usually black. The cuffs may have buttons, but look far neater if they too are linked. Fold the two sides of the cuff inwards and link so that they press against each other and form an edge. Always select cuff links that match your shirt links; it is sometimes a bad idea to have jazzy cufflinks with pictures on, and it is usually best to go for the subtle look.

It is also recommended to have a good quality top coat for arriving at/departing the occasion. Rain is not something you ever wish your jacket to come in contact with, and a woollen top coat is the solution to this problem. Always, however, wear a top coat that matches the colour of your suit, black for black, grey for grey etc.

Another item which most men just can’t be seen without is a handkerchief. For standard black tie evening wear, choose a white handkerchief, and fold it into your front jacket pocket, so as a small but even triangle shape is poking out. Keep some tissues in your side pockets though, as sneezing into your handkerchief and refolding it neatly into your pocket without a mirror is a lengthy and potentially embarrassing procedure.

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