Beautiful Oak & Feature Truss

Feature Oak Truss

Feature Oak Truss also referred to as Bolted Trusses have become quite popular as a stunning feature in many rooms. They create a luxurious natural wood effect that warms the room.

Feature Trusses are prominent pieces that are actually within the room as well as supporting it, they make marvellous centrepieces that are eye catching and add an ornate elegance to the atmosphere. These trusses are beautifully hand crafted and can be used as an outstanding centrepiece to a room in a new home.

Feature trusses are an impressive element for any large spaced rooms, ideally suited to communal areas such as a living room or conservatory.

There are a wide variety of timber species available to suit individual tastes and preferences including; Air Dried Oak, Pitch Pine, Fresh Green Oak and Douglas Fir to name just a few.

Feature trusses can be tailored to fit a certain style or feel of the building so that it doesn't look out of place, a variety of different woods can be used to match the ideal aesthetic required. Feature trusses vary in size, from mighty room devouring ones to more modest choices, although for the most part it will depend on the style building which type, size and look of truss will be most suitable.

Feature Trusses have ornate value, by looking old fashioned they are ideal when going for a old fashioned look or when renovating older buildings which the trusses are feature components in the design. Feature Trusses are therefore while providing support for older or dated styled buildings they also have an elegant feel which adds a whole new life to the room. Trusses can make a room appear grandiose, as the presence of the broad wooden beams which make a building seem more historic and imposing.

Bring the house to life by using a feature truss, bringing ornate beauty to your life as well as a conversation starter.

Aber Roof Truss have years of experience in designing and creating the most beautiful hand crafted Trusses that will be the star attraction to your home.


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