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Beauty NewsIt’s no easy task to keep up with the ever changing beauty industry as there’s some new great innovation coming out allthe time. If you’re going to a beauty salon in Bangor sometime soon, here are some great talking points for you to start a conversation with.
The Fake Tan
Recently, it’s been suggested that the buzz around giving yourself an artificial glow has gone way off trend. With reports claiming that there’s been a dwindling in people opting for a darker tone, it looked like the age of the fake tan had come to an end. Don’t try telling James Read that though!
The master of the tan has opened The Studio: an illustrious salon in London which delivers the great “back from holiday” colour that you need all year long. With a client list including Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Ellie Goulding, the lure of a beautiful hue is sure to keep the fake tan business going for a very long time. Or at least until The Only Way Is Essex finishes!
Matte Nails
Often criticised for not giving that typical nail polish sparkle, the matte nail looks like it could be in for a successful season.
After a fantastic exhibition at the New York Fashion week, critics have been claiming that it is coming back in a big way. Marie Newman has spearheaded the new movement by combining standard colours with a fantastic matte overlay. Should you be sceptical about taking on an all-matte effect, compliment it with a subtle gloss at the top of your nail or get artistic with some spots – there are so many varieties for you to try out.
The Anti-Greying Pill
After the massive trend of dying your hair grey being adopted for the catwalk to acclaim, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a bit of a premature attempt. Thankfully, due to an intriguing new pill, you can stave off Mother Nature for longer to keep your hair colourful.
A completely natural supplement, the active ingredient is an enzyme called Catalase which is said to deter the body from overproducing hydrogen peroxide which is what causes the discolouration of our hair over time. As an alternative to damaging dye, the pill is completely safe and looks like an exciting prospect for the future.


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