Hanse 411

Hanse 411
There are few boats that equal the diversity of the award winning Hanse 411 in quite the same way. This elegant cruiser boat is expertly crafted with a fractional rig and a stack pack mainsail along with a self tacking genoa to ensure ease when doing some light sailing, avoiding too much heavy work which would be strenuous for a small crew.

This stylish and speedy vessel is ideal for single or light-handed sailing, because of it been a self tacker. The boat has a large sail area which means that when it’s against other boats of the same size it really shows off its potential, often outshining any competition while emanating grace and class. The interior features a gorgeous red mahogany which will feel like home after a short space of time. 

If it’s comforts you are concerned about, take note of the 2 double and 1 single bed over the space of 3 cabins. The boat also features Webasto cabin heating, which is sure to keep you warm on a cold night out at sea.

The Hanse 411 has three gorgeous cabins which can situate that will make you feel right at home, heating and a shower. The boat packs a 40hp punch, with a 120L fuel tank which takes Diesel fuel. The cruise speed of the boat is 7k but can reach speeds of 8k.  

Mechanically, the engine is a Volvo Penta MD2040 3-cylinder 40hp diesel engine, there’s also a sail drive with a 2-blade propeller. The sail stands a mighty 50.2 square metres, with a Self-tacking jib at 31.5 square metres. 

Overall this boat suits a wide range of kinds of sailors, definitely look into this one, you never know it could be just the boat you are looking for!


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