Coffee at Work with Kenco Professional

Kenco Professional have been announced as the Coffee@Work 2013 headline sponsor as the initiative returns this year after a successful launch last year. The Coffee@Work event will be taking place on the 22nd April to 28th 2013 and is one of the flagship events in the calendar for the coffee industry. The nationwide charitable programme will be raising funds for Project Waterfall to deliver clean drinking water to marginalised communities in coffee-producing countries in partnership with WaterAid.

Coffee@Work invites workplaces of all shapes and sizes to pledge a one off donation for their hot beverages made at work during the week and organise existing fundraising events, from cake sales, competitions, dress down Fridays and raffles!

Kenco Professional are proud to support an important programme and be a part of a campaign that aims to transform lives for the people who are in most need of it. Kenco coffee is big on sustainability, and the campaign has a great fit with Kenco’s approach to sustainability within the coffee industry.

Coffee@Work is back this year to once again spread the opportunity to participate in UK Coffee Week activities, helping to provide those countries and people that are deprived of life’s basics, such as clean drinking water.

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