Zippo Lighters

Zippo Lighter

Zippo Lighters are refillable metal lighters manufactured by Zippo Manufacturing Company. The company has made many different lighter designs since they were founded in 1932.

The company’s founder, George G. Blaisdell, decided to create a lighter that would be stylish and easy to use, he acquired the rights to an Austrian windproof lighter with a removable top, then redesigned it to fit his own idea.

Since then Zippo have produced more than 400 million windproof lighters, with the originally design remaining unchanged, except for improvements to the flint wheel and slight changes to the case.

Zippo operates internationally, with a wide range of sales representatives in more than 120 countries. Zippo has always been a symbol of American craftsmanship and good quality products.

Zippos lighters are also viewed as valuable collector’s items, with the company producing its own collectors guide. Many countries have even set up clubs for the collectors, including the UK. Since 1955 Zippo have put date codes on the bottom of their lighters (as a sequence of dots or lines).

Zippo lighters are made from metal and rectangular in shape, with a hinged top. The top of the case is usually slightly curved as well.


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