Cigar Humidor

Proper cigar storage is a very important aspect of cigars. If you store them somewhere dry, they will dry out, and naturally if you store them somewhere moist, they will become too moist. To get the best and intended experience from cigars, it is advised that cigars are kept at the desired 12-14% of total weight in moisture and at a level of 55-65% humidity.

This is where the very useful storage tool called a Cigar Humidor comes in. A humidor is an essential to a cigar smoker as it looks after the cigars placed inside, meaning that cigars can be enjoyed how they should be every time. Cigar Humidors can be bought in many different sizes, shapes, designs and quality levels and the quality level as well as size is often reflected in terms of the price of the humidor.

A good cigar humidor can be relatively pricey, ranging from around fifty pounds to several hundred. It also often depends what size and capacity humidor you are after, as they can range from small travel humidors that can store 2-10 cigars, to cabinet humidors which often store 1000-5000 thousand cigars, even to an entire room humidor, which are common in stores and cigar bars which can store several thousand cigars.

When buying a cigar humidor, you should consider the type of material/wood it is made from; often a high quality mahogany humidor is viewed as the best type of humidor. Spanish cedar lining is also viewed as the best possible lining to a humidor as they provide absorbency, rather than other woods which often alter the taste of cigars. You should ensure that the thickness of the humidor is at least 5 to 8 inches and that there is a tight seal on the lid. It should also be solid, sturdy and of a good build to avoid warping from the humidifying that will take place.


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