Natural Wines - Hangover Free

First there was Organic, then Biodynamic now Natural wines, what does it all means you may be asking??

Well let me explain, yes it can be confusing with all these new wine terms popping up all the time but let me explain the main difference to you in a nut shell.

Organic status wines basically mean that ‘only the grapes’ for these wine are organic, it is not widely known that during the actual wine making process chemicals are permitted which can have detrimental affects to somebody who is sulphite intolerant. Biodynamic wines on the other hand may also add sulphur to their wines, as it is permitted by law that that the wine maker can add up to 90 mg/l of sulphur to wines.

When in doubt go for sulphite free natural wines and avoid the hangover blues the next day!! These wines are totally healthy with the most minimal amount of sulphur in them and best of all there are some fantastic tasting natural wines on the market.


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