Low Sulphite Wine

Many of us love drinking wine; however there are a lot of people that cannot bear the hangover the next day so have stopped drinking their favourite tipple and had to comprise with another beverage.

However the cause of feeling a bit under the weather the following day is not necessarily a hangover and could actually be due to an intolerance to sulphites.

Sulphites are added to wine for a variety of reasons; mainly as a preservative and anti-oxidant. Sulphites used in moderation can be beneficial to a wine, however used in excess can cause some people fatal reactions.

It is hard to find a wine that has no sulphites in, most wines are categorised as Low Sulphite Wine instead.

So-Lo SO2 is a brand new wine on the market, designed specially for people looking for a decent wine with minimal sulphites. So-Lo SO2 is the product of many top wineries around the world who have partnered up to produce quality boutique wines, made as naturally as possible, with a miniscule amount of sulphites. In fact this wine contains such small amounts of sulphur that it has actually been classed as sulphite free as the traces of sulphur are that small that even the laboratory couldn’t track them.

So-Lo SO2 is a blend of 5 different grapes, predominantly Merlot and Mouverdre 30% each, also 20% Cabernet and a little Marselan and Caladoc. It is aged in a tank for 12 months after blending.

A truly enjoyable Wine!!


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