Smokers Choice Guide

We have put together this great little website which covers a wide range of information regarding tobacco, the history of tobacco, tobacco regions and a look at some tobacco accessories that are required for certain smokers.

Whether you are a cigarette smoker, a pipe smoker, or you like to roll your own cigarettes you will most certainly find some interesting facts about where tobacco comes from and how it has become a very popular sought after product all over the world.
Smokers Choice Guide covers some very interesting facts about the process of tobacco cultivation, an in-depth look at different tobacco types, along with other interesting tobacco facts.

We have also put together some great tobacco articles to further broaden your knowledge about this very popular produce.

If you are interested in viewing a wide range of tobacco products ow wish to buy tobacco visit uktobacco is a family run tobacconist since 1926 which has grown extensively over the years and now has a large customer base both in the UK and overseas.


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