Brook Taverner

Brook Taverner is a luxury classic tailoring company which are based in Yorkshire. They produce suits, jackets and over jackets. They are a well respected company and are very popular with men as they are known to produce garments of quality, service combined with an excellent price.

Brook Taverner only produces suits, Brook Taverner jackets and over jackets. Because they only produce these garments and have been since the 1960s their knowledge within creating these garments is of an extremely high quality, therefore not many other menswear shops that produce the same garments can compare to their high quality.

Brook Taverner began in 1912 by Frank Brook and Walter Taverner who first started their company by selling buttons to tailors. From this then cloth was added to their company which helped the business boom. After a decline in tailors in the 1960s they decided to create a cut, make, and trim service. From this they released their own ready to wear range.

Brook Taverner produced suits, Brook Taverner jackets, and over jackets which are of a high quality. They realise that their garments must fit their customer perfectly to ensure that a man will get a lot of wear from his suit and jacket but will also enhance him and make him look great.


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