Oriflame Skincare for all

Oriflame have a great range of skincare which can be used for all the family including the men. The different products are specifically designed for all the different skin types making Oriflame a popular choice among everyone.

If you find that you have oily skin or you are in your teens and are prone to spots and acne due to hormones, Oriflame have designed a skincare range which will help neutralise and balance the skin called the Pure Skin Range. Other products for oily skin include the blackhead astringent and rapid action cream.

If your skin is sensitive, Oriflame have designed a skincare range which uses only the purest products, with gentle ingredients, they also have an Aloe Vera range which are great for extra sensitive skin. When the Aloe Vera is applied it will help calm any irritations that you may have with your skin and reduce inflammation.

If you have mature skin Oriflame have a range of skincare which is ultra nourishing to reduce the appearances of fine lines. These come in night cream, day creams and moisturisers to help you look after your skin at all times. Oriflame also have a time reversing range that will not only help reduce the signs of aging but will also help plump up fine lines and wrinkles.

See what skincare range Oriflame have for your skin type.


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