Regal Boats

Regal Boats will transform your boating experience within one ride. The Company have been running for nearly 40 years. And if you know regal then you’ll know about their award winning FasTrac hull design. This is the fuel efficient design that reduces the surface tension while the boat moves through the water. This design went on to win the International Marine Trade Exhibitors Conference Innovation Award. This design consists of the full-beam step which forces air beneath the hull to reduce the friction while inverted strakes cause the boat to track straight and turn tight. This process causes a reduction in friction meaning it can achieve higher speeds with better fuel economy.
Another attraction to regal boats is the Volvo Penta Power Systems which are the best of the bests when it comes to marine applications. This system offers a top speed combined with high acceleration, creating an overall great performance. This is of course is combined with Regals known reputation of reduced fuel consumption, minimal vibrations, sound, and little exhaust fumes.

With Regals 650,000 sq ft of manufacturing space, a team of over 700 people, award winning boats and engineering techniques, Regal continues to produce and explore new technologies to bring you the best, and produce ‘Luxury Performance’ Powerboats. These Regal boats are defiantly worth a test drive for a high ride of joy.


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