Dom Pérignon Champagne

Showing off by buying expensive things is all very well. Watches, Yachts, Houses, Cars, Escorts. But I am sure that there is only one thing in the universe which is 100% guaranteed to impress even the hardiest of guests. Dom Perignon Champagne. It is unquestionable the most famous champagne in the world, and has gained an enviable reputation.

Of course, it is not the sort of thing you are likely to take with you in your daily lunch box. Dom Pérignon is extremely expensive, and of an extremely high quality. Good bottles of it are considered "inadequate" by the makers and are discarded. Only the very finest champagne to leave the winery ends up in a bottle labeled Dom "Pérignon".

Dom Pérignon was actually Dom Piérre Pérignon, a French monk, who is credited with the discovery of champagne making. Although it is widely suspected that he was not the inventor of sparkling champagne, he did come up with many new and important winemaking techniques, such as blending the grapes BEFORE the pressing, contrary to popular practise.


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