Fast Cars Fun Cars? Look no Further.

Fast and Fun? Well they don't get much more so than this - the Porsche 911 4S. It is a truly beautiful car, and I love the way that it's shape is highly reminiscent of an E-type Jaguar.

With a 3.8 litre six-cylinder engine giving 385 horsepower, and 420 Nm of torque at 4'400 rpm stuck in the back of your car, there is no going wrong. This car is beautiful, and extremely classy looking. Porsche really have created something beautiful here.

It's top speed? 183 mph. And yes, that is fast. And it does 0-60 in an amazing 4.7 seconds. And considering it can do about 35 mpg in a run, you aren't going to run out of fuel soon either. It's price? £73'434.00 GBP inclusive of VAT. That is not something to complain about.


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