What to Look For in a Cigarette Lighter

Don’t leave yourself with an unreliable light.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not you carry a lighter. But assuming that you do have one with you most of the time, you should carry the best one you can comfortably afford to lose without it breaking the bank. 

If you are not accustomed to keeping a lighter in your pocket, there is a very good chance that you will lose the first one that you start carrying and a lot of the time you might have wished that it was a cheap and disposable one from the local newsagents. On the chance that you have been carrying a lighter for some time however, you may find that you are wanting to have a better quality of lighter. 

As with watches, while there is no need to spend any more than is necessary there may be a certain appeal in appreciating the finer things in life, so you might be quite happy splashing out a bit more for that shiny lighter.

If you are leaning towards a slim, classy model cigarette lighter, it could be better to get yourself a designer-brand, butane lighter that is more elegant than lighters which might use fluid. 

A particular advantage of the higher-end butane lighters is that you can adjust the light of the flame. 

If you’re heading to a fancy event then it could be most appropriate for you to have a classy but not too blingy butane lighter. This will act as a nice, functional fashion accessory.

If you are looking for something more of an all-purpose, hardwearing survival lighter rather than something more elegant, you might favour a zippo or BIC disposable. 

The survival lighter is a topic in its own right, it's clear that if you are after a survival lighter, you want to avoid any with a complicated mechanism or components. You want something convenient and easy to use.

It's worth remembering that smokers these days are limited to the outdoors, you want something that is going to keep its light as a torch lighter. 

Let's examine this: soft flame vs torch lighter

While a traditional soft flame lighter can be used to light a cigar, a cigar lighter is a specific variety of tool in its own right. As such a torch, jet or turbo lighter regress to the same thing in that, it is the ideal lighter for a cigar. They smile best when they have been toasted into burning true. Torch lighters deliver a high-temperature jet of flame that is well suited to the great outdoors.

We hope this has been enlightening enough to help you to choose the best lighter for you, and remember: widely speaking, no matter the situation, a lighter of any variety will do the trick, it just comes down to those specific occasions and practicality uses that you want to be sure you have the right tool for the job.


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