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Preparing your garden for a summer of sun and fun

With sunny days on the up and the evenings becoming longer, Summer is definitely on the way! The last place we want to be is indoors when it’s glorious outside so it's time to dust off the rattan furniture, fire up the BBQ and grab those pruning shears. Time spent now giving your garden some much needed TLG (tender loving gardening) will pay dividends through the summer.  Here are our tips for transforming your outside space into your very own Garden of Eden; somewhere beautiful to escape, relax and unwind all summer long. 1. Show your lawn some love If you do nothing else, mow the lawn. A neatly mowed, bright green lawn can transform the scruffiest of gardens, so make its maintenance a weekly chore during the spring and summer months. Sparse patches? Reseed with an appropriate grass seed mix to build up some growth, and give it a good ruffle with a rake to ensure light and water are getting into the soil. 2. The need to weed If you don’t keep on top of regular weed maintenance at

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