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Most Famous Italian Wine Regions

We all know just how good Italian food is, but can the same be said about Italian wine ? Of course! Both play a monumental role in helping to define Italy’s culture and overall identity; so it comes as no great shock that we love combining the two in order to uncover the true tastes of Italy. Due to the perfect environment and climate, Italy is the world’s largest wine producer, with various types of grapes able to flourish here naturally. Italian wine has been crafted for over 4,000 years, with the winemaking knowledge and expertise being passed down the generations.  Picturesque vineyards are dotted throughout the Italian countryside, and many regions are famous for their unique indigenous grapes and distinctive flavours. Here are some of the best regions to look out for when searching for a beautiful bottle of delicious Italian wine to enjoy.  Umbria Umbria is a small region with rolling hills with those glorious traditional hilltop villages and historic towns which are a treat for

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