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Best places to buy a holiday home in the UK

Holiday homes are a great option for a get away and are becoming increasingly more popular in the UK. People are opting out of the traditional holiday abroad, as prices are becoming more and more expensive. Having a holiday home somewhere in the UK is ideal, as all you need to do is pack up and drive to wherever it is. Here is a list of the top places in the UK to own a holiday home.  Snowdonia  One of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK is North Wales and Snowdonia, due to the incredible natural beauty of the area, and there are plenty of activities to do. Having a holiday home in Snowdonia allows you to enjoy a great fun filled getaway exploring the region home to the Snowdonia National Park. Why not go for a walk up Snowdon while you are visiting? Snowdonia is full of many holiday parks which offer large holiday homes as well as luxurious holiday homes.  Dorset  Dorset has long been a popular holiday destination for tourists from the UK and all over the world. With lots

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