How to Make an Amazing Skiing Video

So you want to make a video of your skiing or snowboarding video. Your goal might be to take your career to the next level and to show off your skills by giving you some exposure online during your next ski holidays val thorens. Maybe you would like for sponsors to be knocking down your door begging to give you a contract or give you some free gear. It could be that you just want to have a laugh with your mates or on a skiing holiday. Whatever your motivations may be, you want an awesome skiing video. You want one that will stand out from the crowd. The question remains as to... how do you do it?

The first step is to get yourself organised. This means coming up with a plan for your video. Limit the edit to around three minutes. How will you create the most impact possible in 180 seconds? So many skiing edits merely begin with an action shot, action shot and guess what - another action shot!

Can you showcase the personality with still keeping the focus on skiing, what is going to keep a viewer from clicking the back button?

Plan your shots, you want to display your skill and versatility as a skier. Most skiers have only one trick that they can nail each time. But you are going to need to display more than just that one trick. Plan out all of the shots, tricks, and locations that you will want to include in your edit. The idea is to make sure that you have enough footage to pack your edit full of high-quality shots. 

Speaking of the footage - angles are so important, good filming is an absolute must for a world-class edit. It’s very hard to make the edit with just you on your own with stuff you have filmed yourself, you’re going to want a friend to get another angle. This friend should be one who knows their way around a camera and has a good eye for action sports. Angles will mean that you can edit the video to be visually entrancing thanks to the continuously changing viewpoints that will keep the viewer on their toes when watching - meaning they’re less likely to get bored and turn the video over.

Editing time! If you know anyone decent at editing, it's time to call them up and ask them to show you the ropes. Editing is the step where you take all of the various pieces of footage and to turn it into a cinematic masterpiece. Thinking about your sequencing carefully, how are you going to open the video? Will you introduce it with your best trick, a great scenic shot or need a personal intro? Make sure that the initial clip has enough impact to engage the viewer. Keeping your content concise and solid means that you show only the best parts of the sequences and end in an impactful way.

Approach any humorous elements with caution, what might be funny to your mates may not land when it comes to the rest of the world. Any jokes need to be thought out into how they would be shared when broadcast to a larger audience, and if they would be understood as such. If your sole purpose is to make your friends laugh - go for it! But for a promo to show off your skills, I’d be careful if I was you.

Choose some music that isn’t cliche but fits well with your video, edits to the track and you are off!


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