5 Brilliant Lighting tips for Winter

Winter is upon us, and with it, a drop in temperature, shorter days and therefore less light. The idea of staying at home all cosy and warm whilst being snuggled up by a fireside with tea or coffee in hand is very welcomed. 

With modern trends in regards to autumn and winter interior design, we are personally very keen to brighten up homes however possible. With days turning darker and colder, there’s no better time to focus on lighting.

Lighting is, by many, said to be the key aspect of interior design, and that before you even begin a redecoration process you should first optimise your lighting. Lighting creates a mood and enhances texture as well as highlighting any special features that you have installed in your home. It is worth investing in the right lighting for your home.

When winter, the most primary space for entertaining friends and family changes from the outdoor space and comes into our living rooms and diners. This all sets the most amazing moods for dinner parties, gatherings as well as everyday fun.

A gorgeous lamp whether it is organic, architectural or artistic will add sizable interest in the feel and ambience of your room.

1. Flexibility

For both practicalities as well as visual reasons, you will of course be aware that different spaces need a different level of light. As such, consider this when selecting which light for which area. It is a great idea to install lamps on a 5amp circuit so you can control table lamps from a singular wall switch. Flexibility is key. Remember that if you are looking to build a relaxed and more intimately chilled vibe which is perfect for dinner, avoid any harsh and overpowering overhead lighting.

2. Brighten the space

In placing lamps in front of mirrors or atop a mirrored table, you can quickly double the amount of light found in a room. You can even combine them so that light is reflected from behind and to the side. This creates a clever ‘hall of mirrors’ effect. Using mirrored surfaces in a darkened room helps to lift and brighten the space. Any available light will bounce off the mirror and right back into the room, illuminating it nicely. LED lights are a great lighting option.

3. Lampshades

Lampshades mean we can create a simple seasonal makeover, - you can have a different lampshade for every season. A good rule of thumb is to go for pale and neutral hues in the wintertime, and cream in spring and summertime. When the autumn comes around to switch to rich, darker colours. A neutral-toned lampshade looks great from January to December and will work in any scheme at all - so it’s a very safe choice if you are so undecided about which colour to select or have a lot of Christmas decorations.

4. Select the colour carefully. 

Do not ever select pure white walls in a darker room, it will result in feeling lifeless and dull, you’d be better off opting for more gentle and recessive colours, there are pale tints with a cool hue like blues, greys, lilacs and greens. They work to make a room feel larger and lighter than it is. Afterwards, pop the colour in the form of accessories and furniture to add more depth and more interest.

5. Natural light

Make the most of natural daylight by opting for neat and tidy blinds for the windows, these can be drawn fully away before the opening. Roller blinds that can tuck away into the recess will work an absolute treat, or, for something more luxurious, you can go for a more interlined roman blind. However, mount it above the lintel so it can be drawn clear of a window and afterwards, simply draw it to let the glorious sunshine pour in.



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