Reasons to go for Afternoon Tea

If you’re interested in trying out the classic English tradition of afternoon tea in Bangor, you may be wondering what exactly it entails and why so many people love it so much. Here are some of the best reasons to go for afternoon tea at your local tea shop or at home with your friends or family!

For Brunch

If you’re sick of breakfast and brunch, switch things up with a British tradition. Whether or not it’s raining outside, afternoon tea is a lovely way to enjoy good company. The treat usually includes finger sandwiches and pastries accompanied by scones, clotted cream and jams. Many restaurants may add on a variety of dessert items such as tiramisu, crème brûlée or key lime pie. Ordering off-menu will allow you some flexibility to choose your own favorites without committing too early in case something catches your eye later. Most importantly, take your time; there’s no need to rush through high tea just because it’s afternoon!

For A Relaxing Date

With a few exceptions, afternoon tea is always served between noon and 6pm. That means that, even if you’re not working from 9-5, afternoon tea can easily become part of your daily routine. It’s a great way to relax, catch up with friends or enjoy quality time with family without feeling pressured. If you live in a busy city like New York or Los Angeles, it's easy to get lost in your work day and rush home at 7pm only to discover that you've missed out on precious hours with your loved ones. By hosting an afternoon tea instead of dinner or drinks, everyone can sit down together at 4pm and spend quality time talking over snacks rather than racing through awkward dinner conversation while wolfing down their food.

In Celebration of Something Special

If you’re celebrating something special, whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, afternoon tea is an elegant way to do so. Whether you have afternoon tea in a gorgeous five-star hotel in London or your own home, it is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. It can add an extra touch of class and pampering to any celebration that might not be captured with other events. Plus, afternoon tea sets up your guests for some major bragging rights: who doesn’t love a great story about hosting their very own high-class party?

For Group Events

Going for tea can be a great way to spend time with friends, especially if you’re planning an event where everyone will want their own food. It gives each person something different to enjoy and provides a more relaxed, relaxing atmosphere than a meal. And you don’t have to break anyone’s budget: afternoon tea is surprisingly affordable when it comes in handy bite-sized portions. If that wasn’t enough, afternoon tea has been shown to improve your health!


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