Using firewood goes beyond just putting them in your fireplace or your stove and lighting them up with
fire.  You should not just be aware of the types of woods to be used, but also how to use them. There are some basic things you should understand about the proper usage of firewood. 

These are things you should know how to do correctly. They are as follows: 

How to use Kindling for lighting your firewood

Using Kindling is a way to get fire in your firewood. The logs are too hard to be directly fired, so there needs to be kindling. Kindling is simply materials that are used to pass fire to the firewood. These are usually more minor pieces of wood that catch fire first and transfer the fire to the firewood. To use Kindling for your firewood, you will need a fire starter such as newspapers. 

Place your Kindling over in a crisscross formation so that they can quickly spread out to your firewood. Using a match stick or firelighter, light up your fire starter, and the flame will be transferred to your Kindling and, finally, your firewood. Now your firewood is lit up. 

How to season your firewood

Seasoning your firewood means naturally drying it. It is essential because it makes the use of firewood more effective. Unseasoned firewood would be very hard to light up, or even if it does, it will bring other issues like producing more smoke and less heat. Whether the wood is cut directly from you or bought, it needs to be seasoned if the moisture content is 20% above. 

The best way to season your woods is by stacking them in rolls above each other, with the barks facing upwards outside in an environment that provides both sun and wind. It should also be stacked on a surface that isn’t moist like the ground but preferably on a concrete floor. 

Also, cover the top of the woods, especially in an area with frequent wet weather. It would help if you also gave some gaps between these woods to make the drying process easier and faster. At least one side should be exposed to the open atmosphere.

On the other hand, you can get seasoned woods at the firewood conwy or dry logs Denbighshire.



The best way to use firewood, whether cut directly from your tree or bought, is when they are dried enough. It is essential that they are seasoned if not dry enough. This is particularly important if you want to get the best woods yielding the best results and avoid the problems that come with using wet wood or unseasoned such as not getting enough heat and producing more smoke.


 You can also always get good woods from Conwy or Denbighshire. Using a kindling to set your firewood is an excellent way to get your firewood on fire and ready to use. Without this, it would be challenging to set the woods on fire.


 I hope this article gives you a better piece of information on how best to use your firewood.



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