Choosing Your Perfect Hotel in Conwy

Conwy is an amazing place to visit, and the majesty of this lovely town in North Wales offers so very much for all kinds of traveller to the region. There’s all manner of attractions in and around the town which are excellent days out.

Furthermore, in the area there’s all manner of excellent hotels in Conwy, which allow you to get the very most from your experience in this lovely area. We’ve put together a small list of excellent attractions which we’re sure will allow you a series of fantastic days out, and allow you to come back from your holidays with wonderful memories.

Conwy Quay is one of the best hiking trails in the whole of Wales. It is well known as an excellent way to get a sense of what the landscape was like a century (and more!) ago, while still being up-to-date. Should you have mobility concerns, you’ll be pleased to know that the quay is indeed flat, allowing you to take the walk at your own pace – and enjoy watching the sights and the surroundings, with plenty of stops on the way.

The Conwy Suspension Bridge is also a sight to be seen – while indeed there is a toll house, this bridge which was designed by the legendary Thomas Telford is wonderful. Boasting features and details which haven’t been lost to time, and completely free to pedestrians – this engineering marvel offers photographic opportunities of Conwy Castle which simply can’t be missed.

The Smallest House in Britain is another feat of engineering, though perhaps not as grandiose as Thomas Telford’s Suspension Bridge, the smallest house in Britain measures a meagre 72 inches across, 122 inches high, and is only 120 inches deep.

You might be surprised to learn that it was only turned into a tourist attraction very recently in the 1970s (It was actually a residential property up until then!) and the attraction is now run by the descendants of the last man to have ever lived there.


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