Sunday Lunch in Llandudno

What do you look for in a Sunday Lunch? For very many of us, a good roast can stave away the winter cold and provide warmth, fuzzies, and of course a slap up meal which is the ultimate winter blues buster.  When it comes to getting outstanding value for money with the perfect experience with stellar service, as well as excellent produce, one restaurant in Llandudno stands head and shoulders above the crowd, the Terrace, which is part of the much respected St Tudno hotel in Llandudno.

Sunday lunch is a very important affair at this high class hotel situated on Llandudno’s seafront, and it shows. With gorgeous faux-Victorian d├ęcor, a bevvy of awards from the like of the Michelin food guide and the AA Awards, the Terrace restaurant in Llandudno is a wonderful find, and one that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to experience, either. The Terrace restaurant in Llandudno prides itself on the quality of its locally sourced food as well as the skill of its chefs in creating perfect meals which are a very wonderful take on old classics, reimagined.

The Terrace restaurant in Llandudno are just as proud as their ability to amazingly, incredibly, provide all of this at a very reasonable price. Take their enduringly popular steak nights, for instance. The Terrace restaurant in Llandudno provides weekly steak nights where visitors and locals can enjoy a choice of 5, yes, 5, steaks (and plenty of options for vegetarian and vegan diners!) as well as an excellent bottle of wine for less than £25. It’s absolutely incredible that the Terrace restaurant in Llandudno manages to provide so much quality with so much value.

But with that considered, how does their Sunday lunch in Llandudno shape up? Very well, actually. In usual style, there is just as much choice as there is quality, and the Terrace restaurant in Llandudno provide both in spades. With starters which range from simple but wholesome homemade soup of the day served with a thick cut of homemade (and very crusty) bread, to extravagant treats such as devilled whitebait which is served with rapeseed mayonnaise (and so very more options inbetween!) we’re confident that should you not normally go for starters, you’ll be tempted at the Terrace restaurant in Llandudno.

Main courses range from traditional favourites such as roast beef dinner served with all of the traditional accompaniments (which we’re absolutely certain are likely to beat the winter blues far, far away) to the very best cuts of pork and of course, side dishes to suit the meat. Whether your preference is beef, pork, chicken, or even something ultra special such as pan fried sea bass, you’ll find that the Terrace restaurant in Llandudno is a far cry from a traditional pub carvery where the service is lacklustre and the meat is lukewarm. Service is at the heart of everything that the St Tudno restaurant in Llandudno (and by extension, the Terrace restaurant in Llandudno!) do, and it is reflective in every single menu.

Should you wish to be treated even further, the Terrace restaurant in Llandudno have a comprehensive dessert menu which features so very many sweet, almost sinful delights, as well as lighter versions such as their selection of Welsh farmhouse cheeses and homemade chutney, which is accompanied by biscuits and celery.


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