Low Cost Kitchen Improvements

Nova Lima Kitchen North Wales
Autumn is the time of year where you would expect people to stop doing D.I.Y projects and turn to cosy nights in, the heating on full blast and watching their favourite soaps. However as the festive season draws closer we all like to get our homes into tip top shape, ready for when family and friends come to visit.

Below we have listed some tips on how to improve your kitchen space without it taking up all your free time and without the unwanted invoice. All these home improvement tips are ideal for even those with little to none experience in any form of D.I.Y. You can visit a number of showrooms featuring kitchens in North Wales and across the UK that will help to inspire you with your changes, but we also provide many helpful tips too!

Switch-up your lighting. If your lighting is dull, a simple fix would be to get a new and brighter lightbulb. This costs next to nothing and will help to brighten up your space in an instance. In addition, change you light-shade. If you have simple spotlights it might be nice to opt for some overhead fixtures to add a modern touch. Alternatively, you can always go for sparkle with a small chandelier-style fixture with lots glass beads that will really catch the light beautifully.

Add drawer or shelf liners. It’s easy for the bottom of drawers and shelves to get a few marks on them from where items have been stored, so one way you can avoid this is to add liners. Look for coloured or patterned sheets of liner that match your current colour scheme, to fit nicely in the required space.

Get a rug. Kitchens generally have laminate, wooden, tiled or lino flooring in their kitchen as it is easy to clean and looks tidy. Adding a rug however just adds a bit of colour, warmth and comfort and is nice to have a spot to stand on during the winter nights where your feet won’t get cold.

Upgrade your hardware. Simple ways to upgrade the appearance of your kitchen is by changing elements such as doorknobs and draw handles.

All these suggestions for sprucing up your kitchen will make a real difference to your space, but will take no time at all and won’t require paying a large sum. This is ideal for the festive season, as this is one of the most expensive times of the year for many. 


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